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Compiled search for your static Markdown files.

Serverless Search

HunchJS was designed as a true serverless search solution, no persistent running services required.

Bet on Markdown

HunchJS sticks with what's been proven: Markdown files with Frontmatter, for ultimate portability.

No Surprises

HunchJS is built to be plain and simple, on the belief that the right simple options make software more powerful.

All the Things

HunchJS comes with all the modern features you would expect from search:

  • Full text lookup
  • Exact phrase matching
  • Fuzzy search
  • Search specific fields
  • Prefix search
  • Search suggestions
  • Boosting metadata properties
  • Ranking
  • Facets
  • Pagination
  • Stop-Words
  • Sort by metadata properties
  • List counts for aggregated data